0.00 tonnes of carbon saved
Sawmill Sid receives the Ontario Wood Award
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We are partners with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Wood
Donation of a table to the Lions Club in Tiny Township for the silent auction at the National Convention being held in Toronto July, 2015.
Donation of raw lumber and live edge to 12 high schools in Simcoe County. The high school students are making 88 buddy benches for the public schools. The benches are for kids who are lonely, being bullied or need help.
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Donation of 2 pieces of maple to the Ontario Science Centre for their forestry display.

Mission Statement

Providing Portable Sawmilling and Re-Purposing Solutions to Urban Wood Initiatives throughout Ontario.


The company's vision is to partner with like-minded organizations and companies to promote public awareness of Urban Wood Resources and deliver Re-Purposing services and solutions that salvage Ontario's valued wood and honor the environment.

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Our approach is environmental in nature
To bring the sawmill to the clients job site. It only makes perfect environmental and monetary sense to hire Sawmill Sid to bring the machinery to the site then ship the product to the end user. Why handle logs up to four times when they can be handled once and the environmental carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

The Mill

Partnering strategically with others to bring award winning projects to life.
Municipalities are increasingly challenged with managing tree removal, which has increased due to storm damage and invasive pests.

The Product

Our success comes from you, our customers who have an environmental mind.
Our successes are varied. We have taken personal stories of frustration and destruction and turned them into heartfelt stories or financial rewards for others.

Build It

Doing the right thing and partnering with like-minded people and business.
Furniture by the do-it yourself homeowner and by respectful firms such as the Brothers Dressler of Toronto.



Our precision machinery combined with highly skilled crew is equipped to handle projects no matter how big or small.



Eco Friendly
We are committed to utilizing the maximum potential of Mother Nature. We turn waste into want, by outsourcing our leftovers into biofuel manufactures.



Thinking bigger, a company that can adapt to the change while providing ground breaking service.

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